The HZPC Group has an international market leading position in potato breeding, seed potato trading, and product and variety concepts. The team consists of more than 300 employees in over 10 countries. HZPC potato varieties and seed potatoes allow potato growers worldwide to achieve a sustainable, healthy growth that respects people and the environment. Our breeders develop potato varieties optimally suited to local growing conditions. With HZPC varieties, local potato growers can respond dynamically to the needs of their markets and market segments such as manufacturing, retail and the consumer market.

Our R&D team in Metslawier focuses on research, breeding new varieties, sometimes in collaboration with independent growers, and grow minitubers. Our growers produce seed potatoes of the varieties that HZPC sells around the world, both from our office in Joure and via the participations.

One clear development in our business operations is that we don’t simply want to drive demand on the basis of our own supply of varieties and minitubers. For many years now, we have adopted a marketing strategy that is moving from ‘push’ to ‘pull’ — our markets, and potential markets, determine our supply: we are market-orientated.

sector traditionalsector retail freshsector french friessector crispssector peeled

To really know our various geographic markets, and to serve them and analyse trends, we have divided our organisation into the five sectors that we identify in the market:

1 Local daily markets - Traditional >>
2 Fresh food chains including supermarkets - Retail Fresh >>
  Industry (processors):   Processing:
3 French Fries - French Fries >>
4 Crisps - Crisps >>
5 Peeled - Peeled >>

HZPC closely watches and listens to what is happening on the global potato market and to those areas that influence it. We want to offer a tailored and optimised offering, and enable our customers, as links in those chains, to add maximum value. Their efficiency confirms our added value, legitimises our pricing and helps secure the healthy future of HZPC.