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International team working on the future

Within HZPC, some 300 collaborative colleagues are each contributing through their own role to the growth and success of our businesses. Everyone has his or her own talents and accomplishments. But the greatest added value comes from the professional cooperation through which our employees engage with each other and with our partners in the chain. Over 90 percent of our employees have a permanent contract with HZPC. This underlines our commitment to sustainable partnerships, where growing knowledge and skills are key, and that is reciprocal. It is HZPC’s mission to meet the growing global need for adequate, healthy and tasty food. Our employees are the trusted talent pool to accomplish both that mission and HZPC’s growth strategy.

The HR department identifies the themes within the HZPC strategy that shape HR policy and subsequent activities. That policy is based on six long-term performance areas. In this way, we ensure consistency between the course HZPC is taking and HR policy. This has led, for example, to the question whether we can better innovate in our breeding by recruiting colleagues with knowledge of tomato breeding techniques.

HZPC is internationalising. At the strategic level, HZPC explores the benefits to be had from a dynamic relationship between central and decentralised work, and then give substance to this via the various HR work areas. For example, last year we ran workshops for over 150 colleagues of many different nationalities to underpin the values of our company culture, as embodied in our Code of Conduct.

Through Strategic HRM we make a difference to the effectiveness of our organisation, our culture, and being a good employer. In addition, we continue to build on the strong foundations that our people have cemented over the 100 years that our company and its predecessors have been in existence. Read more

Our strong, resilient workforce will be equally important for HZPC in the future. Only with the right group of people can we achieve our goals and ambitions. Our Strategic Workforce Planning focuses on questions such as ‘What knowledge and experience must we develop, and which people do we need to recruit to be leading in the latest breeding techniques?’ Read more

Innovation, development and growth are rooted in the nature of our business – the breeding, growing and worldwide marketing of new potato varieties. These characteristics are in the DNA of HZPC and our team. For our colleagues today and in the future, we want to enable this same innovation, development and growth in their professional and personal development. Professional skill, career and development are therefore central to the Education & Personal Development area of HR. Read more

We want to be an attractive employer for our own people today and for our potential employees of tomorrow. To accomplish this, within Remuneration and Employee Benefits we identify the conditions of service that will achieve this. Our offering is proving persuasive: in the past financial year 2014/15 more than 70 employment contracts have been signed by new employees or by existing colleagues signing new contracts. Read more

We are a company where people look out for one another. And HZPC cares for the welfare of its employees. Everyone would expect no less of each other or of the company. A vital and stimulating work environment is something you create together, and that forms the basis for a sustainable, healthy business performance. Through the HR area of Vitality and Well-being we support every HZPC employee who pursues our welfare goals. We are on the right track and proud of our low sickness levels of less than 2 percent. Health is not always in your own hands, but at HZPC we always strive to do what is in our health’s best interests. Read more

The HR area of Reporting & Information provides timely and accurate data information in the field of HR to all stakeholders: all HZPC staff, the Board and management, the labour market (our possible future colleagues), and government agencies. Read more

Tiago Leonardo, Productmanager Retail Fresh

“HZPC is a seed potato company with a long history and strong culture. We are more than just a trading partner in the value chain, we want to be market leader and play a pioneering role in the market. I identify with these organisational ambitions and the continuous drive to develop further.

In the supermarket channel varieties are not ‘just potatoes’. They are a range of taste experiences with different uses, cooking methods and characteristics. For me as a product manager, this means having to proactively communicate in a number of ways with the various stakeholders in the value chain. Something I find very challenging.

HZPC is always dynamic and forward-looking. Today we are already working on the potato varieties of the future. I find it motivating that I contribute to research and analysis to develop the successful varieties of tomorrow that will be the new market standard.

We’re perhaps the most international seed potato company in the world. We’re active in over 80 countries, and certainly in the Retail Fresh sector we have a very international team. With this multicultural team we are able to serve our international market. As colleagues, we bring the best of all these cultures together in the way we work together and we all feel quite at home. In other words, I’m a part of HZPC and HZPC is a part of me!”