Annual Report


The year 2014/15 will be remembered as an exceptional and challenging one. Despite lower European demand for seed potatoes, HZPC has maintained its market position in Europe and secured competitive prices for our growers. Outside Europe we have, as hoped, been able to achieve good exports. ‘Growing with our potatoes’ is our fundament.

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Responsible food for today’s and tomorrow’s global population

The world's expected population growth between 2015 and 2050
De 5 most populous countries in 2015
De 5 most populous countries in 2050
Threats in the future: a limited amount of agricultural land,
climate change and extreme weather

Creating Value

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Essential data
x 1 million euro 2010/11 2011/12 2012/13 2013/14 2014/15
Net turnover 283.9 229.2 280.0 282.7 241.6
Gross margin 43.2 39.1 45.8 47.5 41.3
Result after tax 8.6 4.4 1.0 9.2 4.5
Depreciation tangible fixed assets 2.1 2.2 2.4 2.6 2.7
Investments in tangible fixed assets 1.0 2.9 2.1 2.8 3.4
Balance sheet          
Group equity 37.1 38.6 38.8 42.3 44.0
Cash flow from operating activities 3.4 0.5 12.3 18.6 5.8
Cash and cash equivalents 20.6 12.4 17.8 32.9 27.6
Growers depositis 20.0 16.6 20.8 23.8 20.9
Total assets 79.8 82.9 91.1 96.4 94.1
Group equity as % of total assets
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Margins, operating result and net earnings
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Dividend and shareholder returns


The HZPC group has an international market leading position in potato breeding, seed potato trading, and product and variety concepts. The team consists of more than 300 employees in over 10 countries. HZPC potato varieties and seed potatoes allow potato growers worldwide to achieve a sustainable, healthy growth that respects people and the environment. Our breeders develop potato varieties optimally suited to local growing conditions. With HZPC varieties, local potato growers can respond dynamically to the needs of their markets and market segments such as manufacturing, retail and the consumer market.

To really know our various geographic markets, and to serve them and analyse trends, we have divided our organisation into the five sectors that we identify in the market:

Retail Fresh Sector

"We want to contribute to the development of responsible food for a growing world population"
Lilian Escalon
Sector Manager Retail Fresh

At HZPC we look beyond the next link in the value chain. This year the Retail Fresh sector has a prominent position in our annual report. The Retail Fresh team operates in a rapidly developing, highly diverse, multicultural world market...

Traditional Sector

“For our work area, multipurpose varieties are very important”
Hero Veenstra and Steven Kuiper
Salesmanagers Traditional Sector

In the Traditional segment, the markets where potatoes occur in their freshest form, HZPC is world market leader. Our ambition is to maintain this position over the coming years and expand where possible. Both the breeding licences for protected varieties and trade continue...

French Fries Sector

“The Challenger variety is impossible to pigeonhole and excels in terms of versatility”
Jelle Bos
Retail Fresh Sales Manager

The global French Fries market is being boosted by the upcoming and growing economies. Customers include Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) chains like KFC and McDonald’s. The QSR chains play a decisive role in the value chain. The French Fries market is growing strongly in Asia, ...

Crisps Sector

“The consumer trends that are reflected on the shelves include the desire for and appreciation of product authenticity!”
Gert Jan Feddes
Sector Manager Crisps

HZPC’s sector Crisps serves the global crisp market and works closely with manufacturers and seed potato buyers, collaborating to create added value within the chain. Last year, the trend towards diversification in tastes and types...

Peeled Sector

“This approach - whereby we present new varieties to the market as concepts, and focus on taste and quality - is paying off”
Mika Paassilta

HZPC’s sector Peeled supplies seed potatoes for locally grown, peeled and packed potatoes. Our customers are mainly supermarket chains, food companies and catering companies who buy the peeled potatoes, packaged under their own brand, from peeling companies. HZPC works with professional peeling companies in Germany...

Production & Logistics

In an increasingly competitive market, the focus for Production & Logistics remains on the growing of good quality seed potatoes and providing a reliable service to our direct and indirect customer, the ware potato grower.


Research & Development

Breeding techniques are rapidly evolving.
This is necessary to keep pace with
global human and societal developments.
The capabilities and know-how of HZPC R&D
in Metslawier are highly specialised,
and we apply them consciously and responsibly.
We are furthering fundamental scientific
knowledge and working on the application
of new plant breeding techniques such as...

HRM | Employee and Talent Development

Number of employees in FTE (left) and workforce composition in %


HZPC and Sustainability

Risk management

Doing business inherently involves taking risks. By taking balanced risks we strive to continuously build on being a financially sound and sustainable Company. Risk management is therefore an important element of our corporate governance and strategy development.

External risks Internal risks

Corporate Governance

HZPC Holland B.V. is a two-tier board company with an Executive Board and an independent Supervisory Board. The Supervisory Board appoints the members of the Executive Board.

HZPC’s Executive Board consists of Gerard Backx (Chief Executive Officer and statutory executive), Herman D. Heijtmeijer (acting Chief Finance Officer) and Herman Verveld (Chief Commercial Officer). 

Corporate Governance
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Depositary Receipt for Shares
  2010/11 2011/12 2012/13 2013/14 2014/15
Profit per share certificate (x EUR 1) € 10.94 € 5.67 € 1.30 € 11.74 € 5.73
Dividend per share certificate (x EUR 1) € 7.00 € 3.75 € 1.00 € 7.50 € 3.75
Dividend as % of the net result 64% 66% 77% 64% 65%
Share certificate price as
per June 30 (x EUR 1)
€ 53.20 € 64.35 € 77.90 € 93.50 € 113.15
Return on shares (x EUR 1) € 16.20 € 14.90 € 14.55 € 23.10 € 23.40
Total shareholders return in %
of share certificate price
(as per June 30 of previous year)
36.8% 28.0% 22.6% 29.7% 25.0%